Friday, 10 August 2012

3 hours of panic

Yesterday afternoon I had gut sinking feeling when I noticed I had been spotting, I went into a massive state of panic, and I hadn't felt baby move for a couple of hours. My partner rushed home and we pretty much threw Alex at my Mum on the doorstep (she was very unaware of us coming)!

James sped to our local hospital down dual carriage way and I got seen pretty much straight away from A&E, the process seemed really slow from there with lots of waiting, and the horrible hospital feeling that makes me anxious didn't help matters. They took a sample and then another nurse came in to take my bloods, as friendly as she was when she said "sorry I always seem to make a mess with these" didn't fill me with the greatest confidence. I was left with the needle bit (I can't remember what they are called) in my arm and then more waiting...with no answers or anyone telling us what was happening.

We were then moved up to the early pregnancy ward where I was wheeled in a chair (even though I was capable of walking) but weren't told anything, we then sat in an empty waiting area and after 10 minutes could hear some of he nurses having a chat...apparently about me too. They rang up someone almost moaning/bitching about why on earth they had given me blood tests and to destroy the samples, I only knew they were definitely talking about me when she stated the hospital number upon my arm!

After about 5 minutes of hearing them moaning about the A&E staff doing tests they need to do we finally got seen. I thought it would have been a more thorough examination and possibly a scan, but she just tried to find babies heartbeat...which she did straight away but stated "oh gosh" and then paused. My heart was in my mouth but thankfully she said it because it was such a strong heartbeat and nice and healthy. But it was so good to hear our baby's heart beating away and the worrying eased for both me and James, funnily enough during the waiting I had then finally felt baby move so my panicking did ease slightly before.

We both know of someone who tragically lost her son at 21 weeks and I think the whole time I had that playing on my mind, especially being 21 weeks myself. The more I worry the more worst scenarios my mind seems to come up with, I then thought back to think that both my Mum and Aunt lost their second babies after 12 weeks and that then played on my mind also.

I have been told to just keep an eye on it, and thankfully I have had nothing since leaving the hospital-this little monkey is definitely going to be a monster or a madame I think-even Alex didn't give me any grief during pregnancy, at least not like this!

I am just so glad that all seems to be OK and I am praying that it stays that way because it was one of the scariest times I think I have ever been in. So fingers crossed, touch wood and everything else all will go smoothly from now on.


  1. So sorry to hear this, what a shock. I had something similar and it is so scary. Good to know that everything is ok though, and that there is a good strong heartbeat. Look after yourself x

    1. Thank you, got a nice few days in Cornwall planned which should hopefully be relaxing! It really is horrible isn't it. x

  2. Sorry to hear that you've been through such an anxious time, glad that all is okay.

  3. I had something similar with my son, I really just wanted to be seen right away and they ask you to come into hopital immediatly, but once you get there you are just left sitting in the waiting room sobbing. I guess most people who come in with spotting are fine, so they don't race to see you, but it was the longest wait of my life

    1. I know what you mean about it feeling like the longest wait of your life-but like you say they probably see it a lot and know it's not usually anything serious! x


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