Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wedding, parade, BBQ and lot's of family time

Well despite me being stupidly nervous for the wedding on Saturday we had a lovely time, the setting was picture perfect, the sun shone for the vital few hours and the bride looked stunning too. Being a wedding planner herself she had thought of everything, such as a brilliant magician (if you are like me you would be picturing a children's act and a bit naff, but this guy was on par with Dynamo seriously no idea how he did the tricks) walking around the courtyard and around the tables during the meals, an old fashioned ice cream bike, the drinks were all free, and what was really nice is that there were plenty on non alcoholic drinks too.

I had also forgotten how nice it was to be child free for a day, it was so nice to be chasing a toddler about, and telling him to be quiet at the most quiet of times! I did nearly faint though, I think it was a combination of not drinking and eating enough and being on my feet a long time-needless to say I'm not in the official wedding photos, I was sat on that bench you can see in the photo of me and James, regaining eyesight. I felt much better immediately after when we sat down for the lovely meal-the main being hog roasted pork which we had been smelling in the courtyard all afternoon which was lovely, especially as I seem to be addicted to pork at the moment!

Sunday I woke normal time so didn't get to enjoy a lie in like I'd hoped for, but was so glad that Alex had been good for my parents and gone down to sleep well, I was a bit peeved he slept until nearly 8am however-he rarely does that at home! We then all headed off to James' parent's as 2 of his brothers were in a jubilee parade with their cubs and beavers. The damp weather sort of reflected the the parade, if I can even call it that, there wasn't much atmosphere, there wasn't much if anything for the kids to do and the band wasn't exactly the best to put it politely! Alex and his youngest Uncle (who is only 4 enjoyed waving their flags at the boys though) Whether the weather had been better there would have been more things going on, who knows, we didn't stay long though, put it that way. We had a jubilee tea though-I consumed lots of cake, because it's not a celebration without it is it!

Monday we cleared out some rubbish and did a dump run-although the space in the garage doesn't seem to be any bigger we cleared out a fair amount! My parents then invited us around for a BBQ - yes no cooking again and I do love a BBQ!

Yesterday was just a nice easy day, if only every weekend was a 4 day one hey!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day. I like your dress, and I'm glad you had a nice time. Yes, if only every weekend was a 4 day one..that would be bliss!

  2. glad you enjoyed yourself hun! your blog seems a lot cheerier and more positive so i hope that this is true for you :) much love! x


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