Friday, 1 June 2012

Posh wedding etiquette! Can you do a runner for the meal?

Sorry to be moaning/grumpy/banging on about anxiety and pregnancy complaints, it's kinda all that's happening in my life right now...this probably isn't entirely different in some respects, sorry!

Tomorrow me and James have his cousins wedding to go to, hurrah a child free day and Mum and Dad are even having Alex over night for us too (first time he's stayed anywhere without us, we live so close to our immediate family so never needed to do it). So that will be nice, not lugging a changing bag and grumpy/hyper/shy/chatty/crying/screaming/bored toddler to contend with (we had a wedding in Feb which he did go to, and lets just say me and my partner didn't see much of the actual wedding, and there were too many moments in the speeches that we cringed and shhed at) so in that respect in should be much more relaxing!

We are however travelling from Swindon to Kent...on Jubilee weekend, as if it wasn't a long enough journey to have before a wedding, and there is no where to change apart from a service station so James and his family are all changing there, I think I am just going as I am and look like a right plonker waiting for them to be ready sat in a posh outfit at the services! Although I seem to be handling my sickness a bit better I have however had dizziness this week which makes me near to fainting and when that happens I just want to lie down, I am dreading the journey there, and then also dreading feeling ill once we are there! Tiredness has really hit me the last 2 weeks, and I just want to be sat in a comfy sit or lying down rather than upright!

I'm not common as muck, but I don't really do posh, and here is where the wedding is...

It's at Penshurst Place in Tunbridge Wells, I made the mistake of looking at the menus available for wedding, and it just screams posh, to anyone that knows me or have read previous posts you will know that I have an anxiety of eating out anywhere, the posher the setting, the higher the anxiety levels, higher anxiety=me feeling pants, especially when pregnant! I might just see the wedding, wait around to sit at the table grab a bread roll and do a runner until the you think anyone will notice?! It will probably all have things on the plate I can't eat at the moment anyway! I quite fancy a walk around the gardens as well, bit of fresh air in my lungs!

But yeah the wedding I think has cost a rather large amount of money (both Father's earn a nice healthy wage in their careers)! So I think I will feel under-dressed, I am being a rebel and not wearing a hat, chickened out of a facinator because I can't help but think it looks like a chicken has landed on your head, or a florist has gone over the top on a head band! I opted for 2 cheap flower clips because I'm a cheap skate and got some earnings as well as they were buy one get one free in new look. James' Mum has bought and taken back about 6 dresses as she is panicking over it, James' Nan gets very nervous etc and also doesn't enjoy eating out too much either, so I think we are all going to be nervous wrecks. 

That said I'm sure it will be a lovely day when we get there, I can only hope the sun comes out for the bride and groom, and that we don't get caught in traffic either way, oh and that I don't feel the need to throw up or faint at the worst possible times! Wish me (us) luck!


  1. Are you pregnant enough to tell people? That way you can easily get out of the meal. If not I would own up to just the bride. Let her know she can't tell anyone (but she's not going to anyway, why would she let anyone steal her day!).

    1. 11 weeks so happy to say. I have only met the bride once so unless James says anything I think I may just sit and possibly pass my food onto his family when no one is looking ;) that or duck out for a little while!

  2. I'd play the pregnancy card if anything is making you feel anxious that way you've got the perfect excuse. One thing to remember is probably by the time you even get to the meal most people will probably have quaffed a few drinks so won't be noticing what you're up to anyway. By the end of it (if it's anything like most of the weddings I've been too - they'll all be plastered!). I reckon you'll just be able to slip off and please yourself :0). I do hope you have a nice time, and at the very least, a good nights sleep and a lie in. x

    1. Good point on the drinks-very true! Thanks, I hope I manage to enjoy myself rather than get all uptight/anxious over nothing like I normally do. Think I will be snoozing away in the car on the way back, can't wait for the peace and quiet on Sunday morning, it's only been 2 and a half years! x


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