Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bursting at the seams and some TLC

No not my waist lines (well not quite, I did have to buy my first maternity shorts today though but only because I am finding anything with buttons uncomfortable...the bum literally hangs off me), I digress, I mean our house.

We live in a lovely coach house in a new development and were lucky enough to buy it from new when the market was still quite slow. When we bought it, it only had one bedroom, but an oversized lounge area so we spilt the room to make the second bedroom for Alex. We are unable to move in the near future due to costs, and James half way through an electricians course, so are probably looking at staying here for another 2 years at least. Obviously with baby number two coming along we are going to have to do some jiggling around, and some culling...

Only problem there being I am a bit of a hoarder, not the type you may have seen on programmes but enough of one to find it hard to get rid of things that could have a use of purpose some day soon. Especially if I think I can use it for some craft project that will probably never happen!

There isn't a great amount of storage in our house, and storage furniture is so much more expensive than I ever imagined, we have been looking a getting a cheap but sturdy wardrobe to go in Alex's room, so when we do have to squeeze a cot in there next year it might make it more manageable. But apparently cheap wardrobes don't exist- even ones that look like they could collapse in on themselves are still at least £60, eBay hasn't had anything what I would call cheap for something second hand either, I thought I'd try out Freecycle but have had no luck with that too!

Our house could do with a bit of TLC too, even though we have only been here 3 years come July a lot needs re-doing, every room but Alex's needs repainting (great fun to do with a toddler in tow, a pregnant bump, and a partner who would love to avoid DIY at every cost/is always working anyway), we have a nasty crack in the bottom of the bathtub that needs sorting ASAP but that means ripping the whole thing out which could affect our tiles, and means we would need a new shower as it's connected to the bath; the silicon needs re-doing and looks gross but no point in doing it until we have a new bath, same goes for the carpet on the bathroom floor ( we have had tiles in the garage for about 2 years now)! We have lived with boring magnolia walls for 2 whole years and we have barely any pictures or artwork up (mainly because I have this annoying art bug that when I see a painting in a shop instead of thinking wow that's nice, let's buy it, I think wow that's nice I could try and do that...and  never do)!

Our kitchen is teeny tiny and we need SO much more usable cupboard space in there/more cupboards, but it's pretty impossible. I HATE whoever designed our kitchen, why hide the boiler in the biggest most usable cupboard when it could have been put in the bathroom where there is a tonne of dead space the other side of the wall!

James has NO motivation what so ever to get this house sorted to some degree, and I don't think I dare get the paint out with Alex about (I can just vision paint hand print trails throughout the house on the carpet and furniture)! But I would like it sorted, well now.

Can you tell I am starting to get my nesting instinct yet?! The house was driving me mad before I got pregnant, but now I see every black mark or crack on the wall and it drives me stir crazy and add it to an ongoing mental list in my head, why can't I just get nesting in other ways such as keeping the bathroom clean and doing the dishes, or in fact house work in general?

So yes, I am stressing right now because this mental list of things that NEED doing and things I want doing is just getting longer and longer yet nothing is being done...motivation needs to come and give me and my partner a big kick up the backside...and a few extra pounds so I could afford at least one wardrobe! But hey it's not as bad as when I was 7/8 months pregnant with Alex and having building work done in the house I guess-at least I don't have all the dust to deal with this time!


  1. Sounds like your house situation is similar to mine. Two beds, tiny kitchen with minimal cupboard space, and lots of hoarded items. We won't be moving for at least another two years, but I think we can make do with the space until then and when we decide to have number 2, I hope they'll be OK to share a room for a while!

    1. Sound exactly the same! Fingers crossed they will be fine together, might just have to have the little one in with us for a while longer than we did with Alex!


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