Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Voice Within

The Voice Within meme asks us to reveal ten things that we say to ourselves/out loud during the day. I saw this over on melksham mum.

1. Oh for goodness sake!
Aimed at anything that has gone wrong i.e. Alex getting crayons bits all over the sofa and floor, a tipped up plate full of crumbs over hoovered carpet etc. I have been good though, since Alex could copy what we say I have changed from my usual: for god's sake or *@!$ sake if I was in a really bad mood...this was a very hard transition!

2. How many times do I have to tell you...
This one is aimed at both Alex and James, Alex I can let off for not putting dirty clothes in the wash (although if I ask him he usually will)! James at the age of 22 however I feel should quite easily be able to pick up his dirty underwear off the floor next to the laundry basket and place in said basket! And not leave his shoes right at the bottom of the stairs for me to trip over nearly every time!! Usually with Alex it's for generally making a mess somewhere or doing something he shouldn't. 

 3. How many times have I picked these toys up today?!
EVERY day it's the whole box of cars that spread themselves around the house, under the sofa, under the beds, and believe me it's a BIG box full!

4. Argh!! Argh!! Stupid pointy plastic toy who put that there!?
Beats swearing when standing on the toy with a toddler in earshot!

5. Just hang on a minute...
Ok my minutes do seem to be a bit longer than a minute, but when a two year old asks over and over for something he can in fact do himself it has to be said! I have important things to be 'researching' online ;)

6. I've just got to do the (insert washing up/hoovering/laundry...) and then I will play cars with you.
A Mother's work is never done as they say...I do feel guilty for saying this one so much though, need to get my act together asap.

7. Hmm what to cook for dinner today?
As much as I enjoy cooking, when it has to be done everyday I loose interest and end up making the same meals over and over again, I always leave it too late in the day for it to be anything too exciting too!

8. What the hell/what or earth?
I don't like myself saying this but do find myself saying it a lot recently-felt bad when Alex came out with it!

9. Come on! Stupid thing!
When I want something to happen instantly, or when our telly freesat box freezes up like it has a lot recently! And when I really want to swear instead-inside my head I usually am!

10. Should really go to bed now...
And usually about an hour later I make a start on going to bed and complain about being tired the next morning. 

Can you tell I am at home most days?
What things do you say on a daily basis?

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