Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Terrible Twosday!

Not come across this linky before and when I first read it I thought I had nothing to write for it...
That was before I had my shower...

As if hiding his face would hide himself!

You can see too clearly here but his hands were blue. 

I knew it was too quiet as soon as I stepped out of the bathroom so went to check on him. He'd been cheeky enough to get the chalks and pens out of an Ikea tub that I find hard to open myself so have no idea how he opened it, he'd got them out of the cupboard too, not even like I'd left them out! Very annoyed as they are also new clothes! Thank goodness it wasn't the pens all over the clothes instead I guess! 

Sure sign with Alex as soon as the house is quiet he is up to something it usually involves chocolate though!


  1. Rat bag! It's usually when they go quiet that they are up to the big mischief!!!

  2. Opps! Could be worse, like permanent marker pen. Eek!

    1. Yes I very thankful it was just the chalk on his clothes and not the pens that were in the same box!

  3. Hee hee! We long for silence, but it is never a good thing, ever!!! I'm right with Alex on the chocolate front - you go guy!!!


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