Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter-A day late!

Saturday evening I spent baking between 8-12pm!

3 baking tins, 2 cupcake trays, 2 mixing bowls, tonnes of ingredients later I had lots of these goodies...

Butter biscuit bunnies, chocolate crispies, & pistachio biscotti.

I have 5 big tubs full of these 3 different things...even when we give some more of them away today I feel we will be eating these for a while to waistline might be considerably bigger! I am going to post the recipe for the pistachio biscotti some time in the next week as it's to die for and really easy to make!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter day yesterday, and hope you manage to enjoy this soggy wet Monday (at least it's horrible and wet here) typical for Easter Monday really isn't it!


  1. Lovely cakes! We made Crispy cakes this weekend and we scoffed the lot yesterday.

    1. Thanks, wouldn't be Easter without them would it! We still have too much to munch on!


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