Sunday, 4 March 2012

Eek! Help! Especially if you are good with fabric/sewing!

This evening I have been asked by someone I know from netball to make a fabric heart for someone at netball who is getting married next month...eek! I have never made anything for someone to buy off me before, and it was a little bit out of the blue, she had just seen a photo on my Facebook page of something I had made before.

I was a bit like, "umm, crap what do I say, I don't even know how much fabric I have, I'm not very good" she asked how much I would charge...umm...eek! I gave a sheepish response at first, but then thought no that's silly I CAN do this!

So I am looking for help just so I can neaten my work up, as last time I made one it didn't look as good as I had hoped it would-it was my first attempt so not surprising!

Here's what I made last summer...
Basically, I really need help with the bit you leave open and sew up after you have stuffed the heart, I can never make it look very neat and would love some advice on this. 

Also where is good to get embroidery thread as this would look much nicer, professional, and save a LOT of time, especially as my friend wants the bride & grooms name as well as the date. 

And fabric of a good quality but reasonable please. 

Any help would be gratefully received as I do feel a little out of my depth, as I would really like it to go well!

Thanks in advance, 

Dani x


  1. Hiya, Do you hand sew or use a machine? I would machine stitch around the whole outside of the heart which would give quite a neat edge all around and would close up the open area where the stuffing goes in.... does that make sense?

    1. I don't have a sewing machine, perhaps I could get my Mum to get hers out to help, thanks.

  2. Hi Handmade Mum
    Going around your shape with a machine is I agree a good idea. Alternatively, google 'blind stitch(ing)' - there are lots of tutorials on YouTube so you can actually also see what to do rather than just read it. It's a stitch used for quilting specially when doing the 'other' side of the binding. It is supposed to be invisible.
    Do let us see the finished product please!

    1. Thank you, I hadn't thought about looking on youtube, I am much better when I have something to watch rather than read! I will do only if it looks OK mind you ;)


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