Friday, 3 February 2012

It's the simple things...

It's the simple things that make me smile.

I have had such a lovely day with Alex today. In fact I wish he was this well behaved every day, life would be easy then.
I decided I HAD to get out the house today even though it was so cold. He enjoyed the bus journey, I enjoyed the shops. He fell asleep half way round (which never happens)!

Grabbed myself (well Alex) some bargains in ELC in their arts and craft sale, some 'crazy painting' tools, stencils, paper and scissors. Too be honest I could have bought him more but stopped myself! So those will keep us busy next week.

AND FINALLY after a month or two of looking I found Alex a suit for an upcoming wedding. I refused to spend the typical £35-45 on one, and dispite my discount I still find Next quite expensive, especially considering he is only going to be in it for an afternoon. Couldn't believe that I found a matching suit in our outlet Next, the trouser are 18-24 instead of 2-3 but thankfully they just about fit and it all came to £17 (and I have been bidding on second hand ones on eBay for the same sort of price).

Alex made me giggle a lot too:
-He spent 5 mins running around a section of drains, just going around in circles and enjoying the noise it made.
-I was surprised when he asked where 'ho ho ho' (father Christmas encase you wondered) was in the train at our outlet village, didn't think he'd remember that!
-In Asda he started singing along to Million Dollar Bill which as far as I'm aware he hasn't heard before, but he joined in with the 'Woah Oh Woah' bits and kept saying 'again, soon' when it wasn't that bit.
-When we came home and mentioned 'Grace' a friend's child we bumped into in town today, he said he wanted to give her a 'miss' (kiss) then looked out the window and said 'no too dark outside'.
-When trying on his suit he said 'Daddy trousers' as James where's smart wear for the restaurant work.

We had a lovely little chat before I tucked him up too, he's growing up too quickly.

Here's Alex looking super cute and grown up in his suit :)

Have your children done anything today to really make you smile?


  1. That is such a lovely picture - a really handsome boy!

    April has started making me laugh by correcting me. Yesterday I told her to look out the car window and wave to Nana... she said 'That's not a window Mummy, it's a door!' and today I told my sister that April wanted her shoes off and April said 'They're not shoes Mummy, they're boots!' She is growing up too fast too!

    Esther just makes me smile by smiling. At 4 months she just starting to properly chuckle... it's lovely.

    x x x

    1. Thank you, I just hope he will still be happy to wear it on the day!

      Haha they are so funny aren't they, real little characters. One of my friend's girls after being told to eat another spoonful on dinner replied 'it's a fork mummy' technically they are usually right as well aren't they!

      Aww how lovely, love it when babies do that :) xx

  2. what a lovely day and he looks lovely in the suit :)

  3. Looks really cute in his bargain suit. Wish our Next outlet was still open especially for kids clothes.

    I've nominated you for an award (on my bubbablue blog) - not sure if blogspot will let me add the link on here! So hopefully you'll be able to find it.

    1. Thank you. Oh no that's a shame, I do find our outlet village handy at times!
      It hasn't linked but will see if I can find it, thanks :)


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