Tuesday, 31 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: reflection

Well I decided to set myself this challenge after seeing it over on thebabywife's blog. I thought it would be good to get me into blogging, and give me a reason for you to get to more about me too since I am still quite new to it all. 

I must admit some days it was a struggle A. to figure out what to write B. To bother with writing a post on busy days. So I will be looking forward to a couple of days break if I am being honest. 

I have had some lovely comments from a handful of people and come across some lovely blogs for me to continue to follow too. 

What I have learnt form it is that I have realised I am much more family orientated than I thought I was after speaking fondly of my brothers, my Parents, and this challenge made me remember some funny cringe moments from family holidays and dug out some old photos to make me cringe even more!

Also I have realised that I do want to be a bit more of a someone for my family. 

Thanks for the comments, and if you want to see the posts just browse along here

Thanks for reading 


  1. Well done for finishing the challenge - it was lovely to have someone doing it alongside me! xxx

    1. Was lovely to see other peoples perceptions on the same topics too. xx


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