Saturday, 25 February 2012

Any girl can dream...

I knew I hadn't written a post for a while just hadn't realised quite how long it was!

I have been a bit down a grumpy the last couple of weeks, no particular reason as such, but not been seeing much of my fiancĂ©e as he's been working a lot, so we are both tired and snappy, and I just sometimes feel like I'm not the best Mum I can be to Alex. When I get like that the house becomes a tip, and then because everywhere is a mess my head always feels a bit of a mess. So I haven't had anything worth talking about really!

Last Saturday was a lovely to boost all our spirits though, It was James' cousins wedding and it was such a beautiful day, nice to get glammed up (although why does your hair never do what you want when you need it too)! The bride looked stunning, the groom couldn't hold back the tears in the vows (cue us lot holding back the tears too), the meal and venue was lovely, and Alex and his youngest Uncle rocked the dance floor! (although Alex did cry as soon as the bride walked into the church, so James did miss the 'I do's'... kids eh)!

And apparently they loved the gift I made them which was a big relief! And luckily my instincts were right and the theme colour was purple, so pleased about that too!

After all the loveliness I literally can't stop thinking about our wedding or rather lack of it...

We have been engaged for nearly 3 years now, and I would love to tie the knot sooner rather than later, so many people I know are getting married this year and as bad as it sounds I am jealous (oops)! Of course I am happy for them, just a BIG part of me wants it to be me! However our funds aren't going to get a better any time soon and I had a quick look at possible venues around us yesterday just out of interest OUCH why does everything have to be so expensive, so send any winning lottery tickets our way - February is the month of love after all ;) 

Anyway despite knowing we aren't going to get married any time soon I am keeping my obsession at bay or possibly make it much much worse, with a pinterest wedding idea board, a girl can dream after all!

*I warn you Pinterest is VERY addictive if you haven't yet discovered it! 


  1. Weddings are very expensive aren't they, although there are ways of making it cheaper. It's a great idea to get a board ready though! We got married a few years back and I really struggled with it, I had no idea what I wanted and there were so many little decisions to make. I would have loved to have had a Pinterest board back then!

    1. They certainly are! So hard to find something reasonable without cutting back on too much too. Shame that there wasn't Pinterest around then, I don't know what I would do without it, had no idea what I wanted beforehand-I am too indecisive!

  2. Wedding dreaming/planning is so much fun! Hopefully it won't be long before you get your special day xxx

    1. Thank you I think it might be a good couple of years yet! At least I can have fun planning things instead! xx


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