Tuesday, 24 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 24- This makes me cry

I do like a good blub every now and then. I like to think I'm not too emotional but I know that I most certainly am...

For some reason I seem to cry very easily at TV/films, whether it's real life or soaps. I always feel really stupid about it too, especially if my partner's about as he likes to have a good laugh at me! 

Sometimes on a bad day when I am really tired it doesn't take much to get me into tears, must admit after Alex got onto the table today and found my paints and the canvas half painted for his bedroom and decided to add his own artwork across it in dark paint I felt like crying! Oh and earlier whilst I was sorting some of my craft things and popped out of the room for a minute (literally) to find Alex tipping out teeny tiny beads all over the carpet which I'd just hoovered, took me ages to put them back. Moments like that can tip me over the edge, thankfully I was in an OK mood today!

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