Monday, 2 January 2012

30 days, 30 posts: 2. My Parents

2. My parents 

My parents are Teresa and Neil. My Dad originally from Cardiff and My Mum from Harrow, however they both ended up in Reading and met whilst working in Presto's on the deli counters when they were in there college years. Mum's friends thought Dad was a bit of a punk because of his hair...I wish I had proof of these hairstyles, but Dad never was, it was just the 80's so lots of wild styles about!

They got married when they were both 21 and had me when they were 22. 

Dad worked away quite a lot when we (my brother-later posts I think covers siblings) were young, he worked as a quantity surveyor. And along the years has been a project manager. Owned part of a company with his friend, managing big projects such as uni accommodation and prisons. He has then gone onto owning his own company doing similar things, managing school building updates, and doing a lot of the MOD accommodation. A couple of years ago work dried out a bit, and my Dad gets itchy feet and wanted to try something new. He looked for ages at restaurants and bought The Fat Dog in Shrivenham, it needed a lot of work doing do it and well, he hasn't had much luck with the chefs, it's been a hard year and a half, it hasn't made money and it's really taking it's toll...who knows what this year will bring but I really hope something works out as I think Dad has lost a bit of his spark recently due to being so stressed, worried and working all hours. In his spare time he enjoys playing Tennis and has a large group of friends from this, it drives Mum mad when he has a tennis match as he will be there ages after having a drink with them all! He is a big sports fan, but nothing beats rugby in his eyes, he is a Welsh rugby supporter through and through, and well when they are playing I am sure the whole street knows about it as he gets so into the match and well, shouts a lot! This is one thing I don't miss about being at home!

My Mum is probably one of the kindest people I know, she wouldn't hurt a fly! She takes a lot to heart, and tends to worry to much about some things (probably where I get that from)! She has always worked with children since she was at college. She started out as a Nursery Nurse in reading when she had finished college, then when she had me (possibly just before she was pregnant with me actually, when they moved to Swindon) she was a Nanny and took me along too. After having my brothers and having a few years off paid work she worked at a local crèche. Then went back to working in a Nursery when my youngest brother was nursery age, she was there about 10 years as a teacher assistant. She has since moved to a new fantastic school nearby as a nursery nurse again. She is also captain of our netball team and does a great job at giving everyone a fair game-although all I hear all week is where/when she should play everyone and if I think that is ok!

I haven't always been the closest with my parents, I was always a bit mean to my Mum especially as a teen (and younger if I'm honest) and me and my Dad are very similar so we were best friends or enemies! I also think I sort of broke their hearts when I told them I was pregnant at 19, probably the hardest thing I had to tell them (which is why I got James to do it, whilst I cried next to him...I know I'm a chicken)! Since moving out a couple of years ago I feel I am much closer to them, and now I am a parent myself I understand why they made certain decisions etc when I was younger and really respect them now. I have so many happy memories as they are the ones you remember more :)
A rare afternoon off together in 2011-watching my brothers band on their anniversary!


  1. Your mum and dad sound lovely - I bet they are proud of you giving them a gorgeous grandchild x

  2. Thank you. And yes I don't think they would have things any other way now! x


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