Sunday, 1 January 2012

30 days 30 posts: 1. Introducing Me

I thought I might set myself a challenge and thought this looked like a good idea: 30 days, 30 posts. 

1. Introducing Me

Me and Alex
I'm Danielle, 22 and from Swindon. I have been with my lovely partner James for over 4 years now, and engaged for over 2 years. We had our perfect little boy just over 2 years ago, he wasn't planned, we were both young but things have all fallen into place and I couldn't imagine life without either of them as they are both my world. We would love to get married in the next couple of years, but money is rather tight at the moment so unless we get lucky this unfortunately won't be happening in the near future. 

I only work one day a week in the stockroom of a big retail store, I try and get the odd bit of overtime on the odd evening but with my contracted hours getting cut early last year there aren't a lot of extra hours going. I don't particularly enjoy it but it's a convenient job, just down the road from us and I have been there since I was 17. Besides I have never known what career path to choose, and James works odd hours and I can't drive (yet)!

I like to craft and bake as my hobbies, ideally I would love to have the time to make a business out of my craft but realistically this probably won't happen I flit between crafts and start things before finishing others. Besides trying to do crafts with a two year old around and no spare 'craft room' to shut the door on makes things a little difficult too!  

I also play netball for a local team which I enjoy, I'm not the best but enjoy the team spirit and it burns some of the calories off that I put on during the week! I also do the website for the team too which sounds like I know a lot, but really I just use the templates and update the info!

So there you are, a little snippet of information of me. 

I found the 30 days, 30 posts challenge from The Baby Wife 


  1. Thanks for your comment! Good luck with the challenge, look forward to reading your posts xxx

  2. I just came across your blog via The Baby Wife, and as I'm doing the 30 post challenge too, I thought I'd drop by and say hello! X

  3. I think I will join in!! You should think about doing the craft as a business! I know what you mean about marriage and money being tight! Not fair is it :)

  4. You should join in too! I wish I new where to start regarding the business, I find all the information on it a bit wordy and don't really get it all! Not fair at all, still holding out for that winning lottery ticket this year ;)


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