Friday, 30 December 2011

The clean up begins!

Wow, it's amazing how much stuff a two year can get for Christmas. It's also amazing how much packaging is still all over our house, Christmas gift bags that can be reused are just left on the floor getting dog eared, me and my partner have our bags full of the little gifts that we haven't found spaces for (well my partners is all of his stuff as he hasn't put any of it away), there are tins of chocolate, boxes of chocolate, & chocolate wrappers EVERYWHERE! Also the washing up hasn't been done for days (I know gross, right) but we literally have barely been here, plus the laundry basket is full to the brim!

Typically I piled up a lot of the cardboard for the recycling last night, but as it was raining didn't actually go down to the garage and put the recycling in the boxes or put the recycling bins out for this morning...and typically the recycling lorry came at 8am not any time after 11am like it usually would!

Today we have to wait in until something of my partner's get collected-this WILL make us tidy up (it's not like my partner is still in bed, me and little man are still in PJ's, none of us have had brekkie or has showers etc yet)!  Because my partner works loads and we never get much time to go out as a family we are terrible and always go out when we are at home together, hence why the upkeep of the house is always last on the list of things to do and always seems to get avoided!

I did make a small start yesterday by buying 2 large storage tubs in our local Asda Walmart * these have soon filled up with various bits and pieces of my sons toys. I still actually have no idea where these tubs are going to end up once the house is all they are rather large, but I am now happy I didn't go for the biggest tub they had!
Any tips on being ruthless? I don't really want to end up like that man with the obsessive compulsive hoarder on the channel 4 programme the other day as I am such a hoarder myself! I am terrible..."that will be ok for card making, that will be ok for Alex, oh we will keep that encase we have any more children, oh the top with the holes in can go in my scrap material bag even though I never use anything that's in there because none of it is good enough" I am sure you catch my drift!

So today I will tidy the house and sort it out and get rid of bits because our 2 bed coach house is bursting at the seams! Might be easier said than done as my son whilst me typing this has tucked into some chocolate coins, emptied a huge bag of marbles all over the lounge floor, got pens outs and just generally making a mess...wish me luck!

* NEVER walk in the wind with 2 large plastic storage boxes stacked on top of one another, the wind will blow off a plastic lid and smack in onto your nose right after crossing a zebra crossing with a big queue behind it. **cringe** and ouch, how embarrassing!

The mess on Christmas morning-before all other gifts were given from other people, so it's 10 times worse now!


  1. perhaps an idea for keeping stuff (as i am the same) could be to get a cheap or free small chest of drawers, and label each one with "card" "glitters and sticky stuff" "beads" etc, and then say to yourself that you will only keep what fills the drawers. thats what i have had to do with my jewellery making stuff, and it works for me as i think to myself i can only get this if i use or throw out something else... plus its out of the way but a small chest of drawers could be put in most rooms in a corner or something. only flaw i just thought of might be if alex can get into the drawers... hmm. anyways might be a thought (: xx

    1. Thanks. Since the art GCSE/A level days I am a terrible hoarder as we had to use all sorts didn't we! Good idea :) although you are right about Alex, sometimes when it goes quiet I know he is up to no good ;) xx


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