Saturday, 24 December 2011

AAAAA it's Christmas eve! Need more time! And a very Merry Christmas!

I work in a shop so am working until 6pm tonight setting up for our boxing day sale (yay long Christmas break we are all going to have this year :( ). This really does ruin the Christmas spirit for me every year, because it is so hectic in there setting up for it all, every one is so stressed because we all want to be out on time (if not before) and by the time you are home you are too shattered to want to do anything else! I also feel I miss out a bit of the old Christmas spirit with my son (even though he is only 2) but I would like to start doing traditions but the evening is just going to be rushed with getting him in the bath after a later than normal dinner after work, milk and sorted for hoo :(

I still have so much I need to make for tomorrow's gift hampers for our parents too...the peanut brittle I attempted that looked and tasted really good sort of failed as it never hardened so just have a gooey, sticky mess in the fridge at the moment (really annoyed)! The rocky road I made yesterday I didn't have all the ingredients for as the amaretti biscuits I had the cupboard had obviously been there longer than I thought and were 4 months out of date and didn't look too healthy either, so was annoyed with that (although sort of my mistake). So tonight I can see me getting stressed out in my pathetically small kitchen until very late at night and my partner no doubt will say why didn't we just buy them a bottle of wine a chocolate in the middle of it all just to wind me up so more.

Also got Alex's cards for his grandparents to get him to 'write' in so I can put the fab photos I had printed the other day in them and wrap (as I don't have envelopes big enough...doh)!

But it will all be worth it in the end, I can only get done what I can and I am sure it will be a lovely day tomorrow...even if my man is suffering from a bit of man flu too ;) (basically a sore throat)!

Anyway because I will be so busy the next few days I just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have lovely (if not chaotic) days with lots of happy memories.

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