Friday, 25 November 2011

Cheap sweet jars for Christmas!

I have been thinking of what to buy my my partner's and my siblings for Christmas for a while this year, we have usually only afforded to spend £5 each, and their ages range from 3-19. I have often found that you can't buy much with a fiver and the young ones toys I'm sure have ended in the bin not long after the festive season!

With money tighter this year I had to try and find something cheap and simple for the biggest 'group' of people we buy for to try and cut the at least £30 spent to much less.

I found these great Kilner jars in Ikea for about 90p each, and have been picking up bags of sweets and chocolate coins whilst doing my shopping if they have been on offer or in large packs. I've divided the sweets up equally so no squabbling at Christmas (well not over the sweets anyway)! I also have a big bag of large marshmallows if I need to bulk them up a bit as these are only about 3/4's full. But as it stands I have only spent just over £11 for all 6 of them. And what child or big kid doesn't enjoy getting a pot of sweets!

I'm also happy as I picked up a couple of wicker baskets whilst I was shopping for £2 each when they were originally £5 each, so that's the baskets sorted for the Christmas hampers I'm preparing to do for our parents this year.

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