Monday, 9 January 2017

Our 20 week scan

Just a few days before Christmas we got an early present.

We got to see our precious baby again.

I'd had to ring to re-arrange our appointment as the original one fell when James was away and I had no way of making it there in time as well as not wanting to go without him.

Unlike our 12 week scan we had quite the wait.

As many will know you have to try and drink lots before the scan, but as we were waiting so long I had to use the ladies room as the thought of someone pressing down there for the scan was enough to make my bladder scream. Because of this we didn't get the best scan photos which is a bit of a shame but just one of those things!

I think we went in around 20 weeks + 5, and she measured away, she seemed to take an age measuring the heart and said "I'll come back to that". This made us panic a bit and I'm glad James spoke up to ask if everything was ok!

Thankfully it was, she just couldn't get a couple of measurements she needed to check off as baby was in an awkward position.

Baby really wasn't being overly helpful at all, fast asleep and not willing to move, so I had to roll right onto my side so she could dig right down to get the all important measurements needed...I think this one might be trouble you know!!

Luckily all is going well with baby, growing healthily and everything as it should be, always so reassuring to see them on the screen, no scan photo can ever compare to that.

It definitely made it all feel more real, this pregnancy so far seems to have flown by, I think as I have been so busy the past few months I will admit I haven't had the most amount of time thinking or preparing for it, we still have so much to figure out, I think the next couple of months will make decisions on what to buy and which rooms to decorate before the new arrival!

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