Monday, 16 January 2017

Dizziness in pregnancy


It's wonderful but it also has it's downsides! 

Just before Christmas I had an awful dizzy spell, I was only sat at the desk writing the last of the Christmas cards when all of a sudden I went scorching hot, felt clammy, my vision started going along with the ringing and muffles noises in my ears. I made my way straight up to bed and lay on my side. 

It was really frightening, and I know when it happens there isn't really much I can do to stop it, it's just something that has to run it's course. 

I was thankful for being home, and it also being when James was around too. 

I had my midwife appointment the day after so it was a welcome relief to find out all was fine with baby, as well as my BP etc being all fine too. 

She thought that because everything seemed fine otherwise that it was probably cause by baby laying in an awkward postilion and most likely on an important nerve.

Unfortunately on the school run on Friday morning, in the very thin layer of snow I suddenly felt all the same feelings as before coming on. Luckily I was walking with a friend at the time and we were near a park area so I had somewhere to lean. 

It's always so scary when this happens away from home, I am so thankful that I was away from the main road and also not alone. 

I felt not too bad shortly afterwards and caught up with my friend who had taken Alex along to school for me and then another friend gave me a lift back home. 

It really takes it out of me for the rest of the day, and I tend to feel super tired and look really pale, I am very much hoping it doesn't happen again, especially not on the school run at least, as we have to go along a dual carriageway and aren't always walking along with others. 

I don't want to have to rely on lots of people to help with school runs already as I think I may need some help when bump is much heavier. 

I have another midwife appointment tomorrow so will see what the midwife can suggest! 

These babies like to keep us on our toes before they are even here! 16 weeks to go though, it seems to be flying by! 

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