Sunday, 11 December 2016

When the weekend turns sour!

I had wanted to do a birthday post today seeing as it's been all 4 of ours the past few weeks, however despite a lovely weekend it's been tainted tonight and now I don't really feel like it :(

James went away with his whole family to Orlando yesterday, his brother lives out there and long story story he's ended up there too...

Sam's birthday was Friday but we didn't do much as he was a preschool all day, and then he just wanted to chill at home that night, then once he was in bed James packed up ready to leave at 4.30.

Alex woke that time in the morning and then got very upset, so ended up in bed with me the rest of the night, he finally fell asleep some time after 5am, but I had a very broken nights sleep, and Sam woke just before 7, although I managed to send him away until near 8 when Alex woke too.

It was a manic morning as I was planning Sam's party, I had cupcakes to bake and the house to tidy...also games to plan or finalise!

After lunch my brothers popped over with Sam's present (a cool Lightening McQueen rc car), and actually that was a big help as they stayed a while and played with the kids whilst decorated cakes, packaged an order up. Mum and Dad kindly offered us to eat at there's so at least I didn't have to worry about doing dinner that night too. Steak and chips as well so really yummy!

Once I got home it was a rush to get kids in bed, and then I started on any food prep I could do then and a big clean, balloon blowing and putting up, printing ninja turtle colouring sheets and games off...the lacking of energy and general free time has put stop to this in the past few weeks!

I didn't stop at all! James got off his flight just after 10.30pm and I think I went to bed about 11.30 when he rang shortly.

This morning I literally felt like I hadn't slept, you know when your eyes are throbbing so much before evening getting up! I did a quick breakfast and got on with the rest of the food, and fast clean up of the washing and once over with the bathrooms before the party at 10.30am, it went quite well, always a bit chaotic with so many bodies in the house as had most the mum's too, could have done with James' help too if I'm honest, have barely any photos as my phone was being used for music, as ever my Mum was super helpful today with the party. James calling at 11.30 wasn't exactly helpful-surely he remembered how manic house parties are!? Argh.

The rest of the afternoon was lovely and fairly relaxing too, Alec kept complaining of a pain, and did have lots of wind both ends but I just thought he'd had a busy weekend and also party food too. Got them both in the bath and out about 7pm to which Alex was really complaining, but more whining than anything else and he is a bit paranoid with aches and pains normally so will admit I got a bit angry with him. He kept saying he didn't want school and was missing James and crying so I thought it was all getting too much for him!

Unfortunately about 15 minutes after he was sick, and has been 3 times as I write this. Now anyone that knows me knows that sickness is a phobia off mine, I hate having to do with it and really freaked out.

Feel like such a bad mum as I got mad with Alex for missing the loo twice, and was having a panic/freak out attack blaming his father for being away, blaming him for not being by the loo and basically wondering how on earth to sort it all out in the process. I sent some horrible things to James' after and now he's not responded at all so I know I've annoyed him greatly!! Him not replying is making more stressed, and I now just can't wait for this whole week to be over :(

I've bleached the bathroom within an inch of it's death, my hands are dry from where I've washed them with weak bleach. I just can't help it though.

I just really hope that it is something that hasn't agreeed with him and not a bug as he was so close to so many of the party today, now in a predicament of whether to send a message around or just leave it and hope for the best.

So the weekend has well and truly ended on a sour note, I just hope that he gets better asap, if he sleeps all night I will be so pleased and grateful. If no one else gets ill that would be perfect!!

I hope every one else's weekend has gone a bit more swimmingly!


  1. Oh Danielle I really do feel for you! It's like I'm getting flashbacks reading this it can be so tough sometimes can't it even worse if you like yourself you have a phobia of being sick, I hope you can deal with that the best you can we here keep a bin by the bed it helps when it's stupid o clock and no is awake enough to reach the loo!! Probably not ideal for you though. I hope he's better real soon and you guys don't get sick either. Hopefully you've heard from James by now and you're feeling better, have to admit I'd have similar feelings if o was in your situation! Lots of hugs lovely xxx

    1. Ah thank you, I feel silly for posting it but just felt so alone last night with James away too! There were apparently 5 off in Alex's class today!! He has an old ice cream tub but thankfully didn't need it, he was so nervous about going to sleep this evening and got himself in a right state believing he was going to be ill again...all whilst crying he wanted Daddy! I tell you what James better bring me back something nice!! Luckily no one else here has it but i Guess time will tell! Keeping everything crossed and have wiped everything I can with bleach just to try and at least make me feel in control! Thanks for your comment xx


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