Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Planning a super hero party

So Alex turns 6 in just under 4 weeks!

Not sure where those years have gone!!

Anyway I must be mad as the invite have gone out to 15 children saying to come here for a party at our house on his birthday! Ouch, wine will be drank after it! We just couldn't afford a 'proper' party and there is no way I am spending £200+ on a party even if I had the money! Luckily Alex did only want people at ours anyway.

I am starting to panic slightly on how I will actually cope with it, I have roped in my Mum (an expert with children after working in a nursery for many years!) and have told James he has to be home to help too!

So a house party like this needs much forward planning, he wants to have it Avengers/superhero themed so pinterest was my first stop for ideas!

Lots of them are from American sites where they have huge house and back yards with lovely weather, obviously a party in November doesn't have that luxury so I had to be quite selective!

Here's some of my ideas I have found so far on my board.

I think to begin with I will get them to decorate a mask, as you can quite often be waiting for people to turn up which makes party games slightly more difficult. I just need to decide whether to use some of my felt supplies, or just stick to card...

Then I think I will do 'pin the star on captain America's sheild' or pin 'Batman's logo on his body'.

Before food I think I might snatch this idea I found, pass the kryptonite (green glow stick) and then whoever ends up with it gets out and then gets ready to sit down for food. It also saves buying a present for pass the parcel too which is a winner in my eyes!

There are some fab other games too but not sure I can cope with them with lots of kiddies in a confined space we shall see, Alex wants to play musical statues etc too so I am sure we will.

Alex wants an iron man cake, I have discouraged him wanting the full iron man so he has agreed to just have the face...must save I am a little nervous about doing it so any tips greatly received!!

I may make this punch box so they can grab their party bags before they leave in a bit of a hulk smash kind of way...


  1. Seriously loving this! A loves the superheroes I wonder what he'll ask for next year..good job on the cake face is hard enough let alone a body! My favourite is the punching the paper to get the bag how cool!x

    1. Yes I just need to get my head together and actually buy/make the bits I need oops! A has just started school hasn't he, Alex suddenly went super hero mad once starting reception! Yes I thought it looked cool but now wondering how easy it will be to do without the boys punching it before the party haha xx


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