Monday, 18 May 2015

Life lately

Oh my, has it really been nearly two month's since I last posted!!

Is it really already half way through May already!?

This year seems to be going by in a flash, Alex has nearly completed his first year at school, which is pretty scary! He is doing well there though, and enjoys it as much as any 5 year old boy would-he does complain on a day where they "had to do writing", and getting him to do his homework can be a bit of a chore! It's amazing how much they get even at such a young age! Must admit, as much as I say I am going to be organised with it we always leave it until last minute!!

Talking of schools, I finally heard back about Sam's preschool place in April, luckily he did get a place (I had been worried that he hadn't got in as a few other's had heard weeks before me). Unfortunately he didn't get given a full day as they didn't have the space and not the full 15 hours either (which doesn't bother me too much for next year anyway), which is a bit of a pain for me with not driving and it taking me 20mins each way-I won't get my town shopping without kids just yet! It's scary to think that come January I will have him at preschool though, my little one growing up! Mind you I am already wishing for those few hours of just simple peace and quiet...

Being in our new house (which I really most post some photos of) has made the world of difference recently, the boys have been enjoying their new addition to the garden-a trampoline (paid for with xmas vouchers), it's just a shame that the weather has been a bit pants the last couple of weeks for them to really try it out. We have made the most of having a garden and have already had 3 BBQ's-making up for the lost time of not having a garden for the past 5 years, our neighbours probably think we are a bit mad!

I am enjoying having my own little craft space to make and create for my own small business Danielle Louise Designs, although I still haven't sold anything to anyone other than friends and family yet so I would like things to pick up a bit, it is so hard to be seen when there are so many people trying to make themselves seen in the same sort of market. It really does eat up so much time too, and I do find it hard to balance it all!

We have just booked a weeks holiday to the south of France with my parents, one of my brothers and my Aunt with her family, so have that to look forward to at the end of July. Looking forward to a bit of sun (hopefully) and James has already found out there is a large water park nearby too! It will be nice to show James the sort of holiday's I went on as a child-he has been very spoilt and gone to Florida far too many times over the years but hasn't really experienced a more cultural holiday in the most recent years (unless you count Mickey Mouse as cultural)!! I am not sure my parents will find it as relaxing as they may be hoping for with my two in the mobile home too-fingers crossed my two will sleep in a bit (crosses everything)!

Now only a few more days of the school run (probably in the rain, what is with the weather at the moment?) and then it's half term, we have 2 TD days tagged on at the end of it too, my parents are off to a Greek island too so don't even have my Mum as a half term saviour (we often meet up over the holidays a lot as she works in a school and with me not driving she often takes us to places I can't get to very well) so half term could prove interesting!!


  1. Sounds like you've all been busy! I'm really pleased that school has been going well, we do homework before bed lils is older so it works better she's just more relaxed at that point. Pleased to hear about pre school and that you're not too bothered about the arrangement! It will be worth the wait when you get to town alone honest ha ha. Hope your work gets out there I'd have no idea how to get yourself out cards? It's word of mouth local stalls at sales it's not like small businesses can advertise as much or even give away things ! I hope to buy in the future and when i do I will blog it it may not get much out there but worth a try!x

    1. It does seem like we have been really busy recently, but I can't really pin point anything much exciting haha. Yes we find that is often the best time with Alex too, mind you he tries any excuse, and sometimes he really is just tired! Yes he will have another year afterwards where we will get first dabs of the sessions anyway so not too bothered just a tad gutted we didn't get the full day as helps me more than anything! Yes every type of advertising seems to cost money, as well as making stock for fairs too...just need to really give it a big push but that involves a lot more confidence too! Bless you thank you xx


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