Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wooden Kitchen and Food Review

Now it is no secret that I love wooden toys-I always think they look a lot better than their plastic equivalents!

So when I was contacted to review some toys from the new Wooden Toy Range at ASDA Direct I jumped at the chance. 

I have wanted to get the boys a play kitchen for years now, but never had the space, seeing as we are moving soon I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out the Deluxe Kitchen. 

For £40 I think it is a fantastic buy, it is a product that has so many play opportunities and would make a really lovely present or addition to your children's toys.  

The ups 
-Cost: It is a great product for £40
-Easy to follow instructions (I managed to make it all by myself with a pen knife as couldn't find a screwdriver in the house! So if I can make it anyone can)!
-Cute unisex design (It can be relatively difficult to find a kitchen that isn't girly for a similar price)
-Great for role play
-Not too large, but large enough (it measures approx 89x30x60cm)

The downs
-I think it would be better if the hob rings and washing bowl were secured too (I may just get the hot glue gun on my pieces to stick them down)
-The clear sections on the oven and microwave were a little marked and I think they will mark quite easily after a bit of use. 
-There were a few places around the edges where the paint had slightly chipped (not enough to notice once it's all made though)

We also received the wooden food crates to review which are very sweet and a great addition to the kitchen. I think they would also be brilliant with the wooden play shop & cafe

The food is really well made and painted brilliantly, for £10 you get 11 groceries and 2 wooden crates to keep them in (which are also brilliantly made). 

So why not treat your little ones to something wooden this year?

We received these products to review but all opinions are 100% and our own.

*** UPDATE***
We found this to break quite easily, my husband has had to fix the door of microwave and one other by drilling a new screw in, since that the other door has fallen off and also the tap and drawer handle are loose/have fallen off. So although it is sturdy but be prepared to have to do some repairs to make it more durable! 

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