Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Pause for a moment

Rushing around on a normal preschool day.

Grabbing jackets, lunch boxes, book bags and  finding matching shoes!

Start heading off to find out I'd left the door wide open for the street to see!

Head off again, down the same streets, the same views that we walk on every day.

Today we headed straight instead on veering off right and I am glad we did.

Because just ahead was a sight I had never seen before.

A small prickly object lay on the grass, my first thought was, was it alive?

Thankfully it was, and we paused and stopped to watch for a moment, before rushing off again in time for preschool with no hitches.*

I then saw it again later on, on my walk to collect Alex.

Isn't this just the life?

*Off course there was a hitch, I forgot that it was dress up day today, bad mummy!


  1. oh how sad. Please, next time you are out, if you are lucky enough to spy a hedgehog, remember that they won't be out in the daylight unless they are in trouble. Please try to pick it up and take it to a vet or wildlife rescue. They are so endangered now. Also, they can't have bread and milk. It upsets their tummies.
    Nice post though, sorry to put such a downer on it.

    1. It honestly didn't look like it was in any danger or pain, I checked whether it was breathing and there didn't appear to be anything visibly wrong. It wasn't there today so hopefully it found a safe place or someone else moved it.

  2. Aww so sweet to see but very unusual he didn't seem hurt? I wonder of it got back to somewhere safe. Lovely post though I like these moments x

    1. Didn't seem it at all, honestly looked like he fallen asleep in the wrong place, the hedges were only a metre or 2 away, wasn't there today so hopefully found a save place x


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