Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Letters to Matilda Mae

A year.

A year can flash in a blink of an eye.

I look back to a year ago, a 2 month old in my arms, on a short break in Cornwall, struggling to get signal on my phone, once I got a short amount and on twitter I knew something had happened but was unable to find out what as the internet didn't work again.

It wasn't until coming home, on my laptop where I read the most devastating news.

For the first (and definitely not the last) time I cried in front of my laptop for you, your Mummy, your family, family that I'd never met, and in fact never heard of before as sadly I'd not come across your Mummy's wonderful blog yet.

Since that day I have thought of you many times, cried for you many times. I must admit I struggled when Sam turned 9 months old, I could not help but think of your Mummy, your family and your friends for what they had lost, someone so precious, loved, happy, and young far, far too young.

When I am having a tough day with my boys I often stop and think of you, your family don't get bad days with you any more, I am lucky to have that, I am lucky to have them to hold close. I pick myself up, and be grateful for the most precious gifts-whether they are being little rascals or not!

You see, you have created a little legacy, a legacy that has achieved so much in such a short amount of time, showing that from great sadness can come great strength, courage, and friendships:
-So much awareness for the Lullaby Trust
-So much money raised for charities
-So many people brought together in many fundraising activities and events in your name.
-So many friendships made-especially the one that is clear to see from your Mummy and Susanne (ghostwritermummy)

Matilda, many people think of you often, I know I cannot look at bubbles, stars, pink or purple without thinking of you.

Keep shining bright in the sky, and watching over your lovely family who are doing so much keeping your your name, your face in the fore front of everyone's minds to help stop this from happing to others.

A year like this must have been the hardest of all-thinking of you Jennie and your family.

Letters for Matilda Mae 
If you want to write some words for Jennie to read, Ghostwritermummy has set up a linky for people to do so


  1. A beautiful letter x Thank you for following our journey and remembering Matilda Mae x Your comments on my blog posts mean so much x I always feel comfort that you are still here x Thank you x

    1. No problem, the words didn't flow to well so I hope it came across ok. I am glad you feel comfort from the comments too xx


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