Sunday, 24 November 2013

Alex turns 4!

This Wednesday Alex turned 4, FOUR!

First off where have those years gone!?

We've seen Alex grow up so much this year, becoming a big brother to Sam and taking on that role brilliantly Sam adores him and it's wonderful to see them interact so well with each other, looking back at photos of this last year, I think he has really changed over the last few months, looking like such a young boy now, far from the pre school image of yesteryear.

This year it was all about Hot Wheels, Disney Cars and LEGO! These have been Alex's main loves, he got his first simple Hot Wheels tracks last year, but this year we got him one with a loop and a noisy part that powers up the cars (think I might regret that!) plus some bits that fire out other cars! The last 6 months he has been really obsessed with Disney Cars, he loves it and would watch them over and over again if I gave him the chance-I think I know Cars 2 to word for word now-so that was a loose theme for his party. LEGO has appeared to become very popular with him since we bought him his first LEGO starter in London this year, and he was very lucky this birthday as ended up with quite a lot of it!!

It was lovely to have Wednesday morning with all of us home for a few hours, present opening on the bed, and a bit of time to play with the new toys before Alex had a few hours at preschool. We had a family party at home with the Grandparents and some of Alex's Uncles.

On Friday we had our NCT friends over that we see regularly. We couldn't afford to have a 'proper' party elsewhere and with friends from preschool as well as our close friends which I felt a little guilty about but at the same time I don't believe you have to spend much on parties and think a lot of them are getting out of hand cost wise these days. Alex didn't seem to mind too much anyway, and enjoyed playing the party games and having an indoor picnic. For what we did for his party please see this post!

For now, Happy 4th Birthday Alex, you are growing up far too fast!


  1. Love the last photo! Hope he had a fab day he sure looks pleased. My lily will be six in jan six!! I just can't believe it!xx

    1. Thank you, he did! Oh wow! Time goes far too fast! xx

  2. Happy Birthday to him! School next year then. It will come around so quickly. Lovely pic at the end :0) x

  3. Thank you. Yes in denial about that!! xx


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