Thursday, 10 October 2013

Resigning after maternity leave.

For a while now I have had going back to work on the back of my mind. For months I have dreaded the thought of going back, and getting very anxious about it all.

Me and James have had small disagreements about it, I have been trawling jobs sites and working from home opportunities to no avail. But in the end I won...

We agreed that the hours I had to work weren't suitable to us and there was no leeway in changing them, and my old position in the store was no longer around as the hours have changed to weekly day time. 

So with lots of nerves I wrote, re wrote and wrote again my resignation letter with help from guidelines on the internet. 

I plucked up the courage to go down on Wednesday but typically it was the day off for the manager I needed to see! 

So this morning after I postponed myself with a little shop around the supermarket before I bit the bullet, and my manager was the first person I saw as I walked through the door. 

Surprisingly it went down really well, and I have no idea why I was so nervous. It's ended on really good terms and if I ever want a job back there I can just apply again. 

I am really looking forward to this new chapter in my life, I want to make a go of my craft selling business, I want to enjoy a proper family Christmas this year, a Christmas eve as a family, perhaps a children's Christmas service instead of me setting up for a sale I'd have to be at early morning boxing day.

Last year James had to work a few hours Christmas day so I feel this will be our first proper Christmas as 4 :)

Money will be tighter, but we will just about manage, I will HAVE to be more savvy with money, perhaps I will go back to 'proper' work some day but for now I want to concentrate on being a full time Mummy.

It feels a little odd, I walked into that job (my first job) at the age of 17, I can't believe I have been there 7 years nearly-here's to new beginnings though. 


  1. I've just gone back to work after 6 years after deciding not to go back to work after having my daughter. I've just slipped right back into work life like I never stopped. The only problem had been that I haven't used a PC in 6 years so I keep forgetting that the @ is in a different place on a mac

    1. Oh really, I hope it's going ok! I guess it's easy to slip back into things once you start isn't it. x

  2. Congratulations!!! Ooh I'm so envious ;) xxx

    1. Sorry! ;) for 6 hours it really wasn't worth the agro of sorting out childcare! xx

  3. You can do it. I resigned when Mini was born and never looked back. I could never have imagined what joy being with my children has brough

    1. Thanks, nice to hear from some Mum's who have been through it too :) x

  4. Good luck on your new journey as a full time stay at home mum xxx


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