Friday, 4 October 2013

Possibility of getting married next year...eeee!

So as many of you may already know James and I have been engaged for 4 years now.

It's been a busy 4 years, moving out of our parental homes and buying our own, and the birth of both our boys, and like many people we have (and still are) feeling the pinch when it comes to money. This is why a wedding, although dearly wanted has never really been achievable.

But recently things are looking on the up on the wedding front, both our parents have been saying 'just do it' for years now but things are different this time. James' mum picked up the leaflet for weddings at her church, she knows the vicar and his wife well and it really is a lovely old church. I think it will be nice to be married by someone that we know already, more relaxed, more intimate and cheaper!

We have written down who we'd like to invite (about 120 people!!), I pretty much know who my bridesmaids will be and would love my boys to walk in front of me down the isle dressed in gorgeous little waistcoats and trousers.

But with this comes panic, I am an incredibly nervous person by nature, and never one for the limelight, and there is so, so much to think of-I don't think James quite realises how much there actually will be!

Ideally I'd love to be married in the church and have some sort of marquee/garden party after. James' parents do have a lovely garden but it worries me about weather and also logistics of setting up, cost and catering. I don't 'do' posh weddings, they just aren't for me-I find them too regimented and they play havoc with my nerves!

We'd both love a hog roast, perhaps some sort of BBQ and buffet food, a sweet table and a traditional cake. I'd like a bit of a rustic feel, I'm thinking burlap touches with wooden crates for some of the food and drink decorations.

I'd like an emphasise of fun and carefree too, there will be many children there including our own so would like to make it enjoyable for them-crayons and colouring books as their favours. Perhaps a bouncy castle or slide as suggested by James' family! I'd really love a photo prop booth too, they seem to be very in fashion at the moment and I am sure there would be some great shots come the end of the night!!

As you know I am very crafty, I'd love to make signs with quotes about love and marriage, bunting and decorations, photo tables including some old wedding photos of parents and Grandparents. My Nan does flower arranging so will be great to have her involvement in that-she's even made many wedding and bridesmaid dresses for my Mum and Aunts too so you never know!!

I really do hope that we get our special day soon, we are going to get both our parents over soon for a chat about it all as they both want to contribute, and I am Dad's only little girl after all ;)

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Have you been married after having kids? How did it change your plans? And how did it work with the kids about as this is one thing that worries me slightly-will we be able to enjoy our day as much?

And where do you start with the planning, what do you book first? The date and work around that or the venue of the most important thing and work around that? The mind boggles!!

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