Saturday, 17 August 2013

Party panic

Well it's safe to say that I am starting to get into a panic about my parent's 25th wedding anniversary party. It seems to be suddenly coming around faster than I'd like!

The photo book as been ordered after hours and days of scanning old photos, sorting digital ones, asking sly questions to my mum about when they did 'such and such' to try and organise their digital ones with the wrong dates! I just hope it comes it time now as it apparently takes longer than it advertises!

I've made the huge fruit cake which weighs a tonne but actually looks really good so hope it tastes as nice as it looks and smells. I have a few ideas of how to decorate it, but just need to stick with one idea rather than fluttering between them. I think I will be watching many beginners 'how to' videos in the next couple of weeks!

I quite like this one, although mine is only one tier and my flower cutter I order I am sure is larger than I was supposed to get-oops!

I have all the silver plates, bought some silver sugared almonds-I just had no idea so few shops stock anything for 25th anniversaries, or just normal anniversaries for that matter.

I want to print some A3 posters for the hall from my parent's wedding day-however not on photo paper so need to source somewhere I can do that ASAP, if you know of anywhere do let me know :)

With two weeks to go the numbers keep on growing, it's turned from a small family gathering to 50+ people, my idea of having a full on buffet got vetoed so we are just doing finger food which is leaving me to panic now as it means we need a LOT of finger food, I thought having salads etc would bulk people up a bit more but hey ho.

Must admit as much as I am looking forward to the party I cannot wait for it to be over in some ways! As much as my family are helping I am getting a tad fed up of calls late at asking what table cloths to buy etc hehe.

So any good finger food ideas would be gratefully received, we have sandwiches, sausage rolls, Indian selections, nibbles, dips, pizza, cheese boards etc, but I can't help but think most of that is 'brown food' so anything veggie that you have tried and tested?

I just need my brothers to help me out a bit more too I think-give them a kick up the bum to do so!


  1. How exciting. On the cake front...I think that flowers are an excellent idea - I made my mum a 'proper cake' a year or so ago. I found that getting the icing over the cake ie, the base was really difficult without it cracking etc and the flowers hid a multitude of sins!

    1. Haha, I was thinking the same thing, I am sure I will have a raised temper and a few rude words when I'm icing the whole cake! x


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