Wednesday, 5 June 2013

PinAddicts Pinterest challenge- Another Personalised Christening Gift

Well it was James' youngest two brothers' Christening this Sunday and for weeks I have been struggling to think of what we could buy them.

Me and James were the Godparent's to one of his brothers too so wanted to get something nice.

With E being 8 and T being 5 we couldn't get the normal sort of Christening gifts that you would be likely to buy for a baby's Christening.

After making this Christening gift a couple of months ago I thought about doing something similar...but then though that might be a bit babyish. So instead I decided to look up their name meanings.

Bingo! Both religious meanings which was the icing on the cake for me and gave me the kick up the bum to figure out what to do (and get pinning)!

I found these ideas:

Both pins are originally from Not on the highstreet where I did a LOT of browsing (but left too late to order anything as per usual)!

I knew I wanted to use box frames and was quite excited and annoyed to find out that The range were half the price than Hobbycraft who I have used many times before now (I know where I will be going from now on)!!

I have loads of paper stock, but had no good sized alphabet stamps so also got some in The range for about £8 and a pack of 3 ink pads for a few pounds, (again bargain)!

I recently bought a scoring board at a Stampin' Up party so wanted to get to use that, so for the background paper simply scored straight lines all along it. Then I stamped the names with blue ink and then their meanings underneath. 

I felt it was missing something so I searched high and low until I found the clip I'd found weeks ago and forgotten to pin to make scored 3D stars. I loved this! So after a few practices made some with some silver card and  stuck them with double sided sticky foam. 

Quite pleased with the results and so were James' parents even if the boys weren't too fussed! And the day was beautiful the sun made it all the more perfect too. 

I've been told I could make these to sell, and to be honest I'd love to, would you buy things like this if so how much would you be prepared to pay? I'd really love to set up my own craft business instead of going back to part time retail work, but am I just being silly? Would really appreciate some opinions on that :)

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  1. These are so lovely - what a brilliant idea for a christening or new baby gift.I love the Range and must look for some of those letter stamps I love them.

    You should totally start selling some stuff if you want to. Im sure people would buy these. I have an online retailing business selling nail and beauty supplies and I have done clothing and handmade jewellery in the past so if you ever want to pick my brains or bounce ideas off someone on happy to help. L x

    1. Thank you, the range is great! Ok thanks :) x

  2. They are lovely and make great gifts for children of all ages. Great idea

  3. They are fantastic!! Such a great idea :)

  4. What fantastic gifts - really innovative and original. I would certainly look at these as christening gifts although I have no idea on retail. Well done :). Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  5. These are really. I love the font you have used with the letter stamping. Good luck, follow your heart ;)

    1. Thank you. It's taken me ages to find a font I like for this type of thing! x

  6. I agree with Viv, follow your heart - life is short and all that! They came out amazing and I would definitely buy one as a gift!

    Thanks for entering the pinaddicts challenge!

    Kerry x


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