Monday, 10 June 2013

6 Months

Wow Sam was 6 months old exactly yesterday! I can't quite believe where the time has gone!

He's well and truly on the move now, he's been amazingly commando crawling for a few weeks and at 24 weeks he was up on all fours. He hasn't quite mastered proper crawling yet, my OH says it's almost like he's 'wheel spinning' as he has the right leg movements but hasn't quite learnt how to move his arms at the same time too-quite often resulting in a bit of a face-plant!

I can't believe how early he's moving about, and I had forgotten quite how much stuff you have to move up once they are crawling about-having to be VERY careful about small toys of Alex's and not to leave any shopping around as Sam seems to have a things for anything with a rustle at the moment!

This week he even ventured out of the living room-eek nowhere is safe!

6 months is such a scrummy age, I love that he's chubby and when he's not lunging off me to get onto the floor the cuddles are perfect and his big gummy smile lights up any bad day or mood.

He still adores his big brother, and beams the biggest smiles for Alex, I really do think they will be best of buddies, as long he tries not to take too many of Alex's toys which is starting to occur. He loves Alex's big ELC lorry right now which has caused a few jealous moments!

Sam's personality is really starting to shine through now, lots of people have said he's going to be a thinker, I tend to agree, he really studies things almost as if he is wondering how it all works. I think that he's starting to lighten up a little now and not look quite so serious, although real giggles are few and far between but that just makes them all the more special.

The next 6 months I'm looking forward to as my baby grows up and changes and learns new things each and every day, but it will be bitter-sweet knowing he's growing from a baby to a toddler-now I am just praying he's not going to be an early walker, he's growing up far too fast already!

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  1. Wow sounds like you've got a little smasher on the move! Exciting!!!

  2. Absolutely loved it when Grace got to six months so completely know where you're coming from. Thank you for linking to Magic Moments xx

    1. It's such a wonderful age, full of excitement thanks for hosting :) xx


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