Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Walkers Hoops & Crosses Review

It's no lie, I do love crisps...I know they aren't the healthiest but if I don't have a packet at lunch I feel I have missed out, and end up craving them throughout the day.

For years I tried to not pass this habit onto Alex, but as you all probably know it's a bit difficult to eat a packet of crisps hiding behind the fridge door with a preschooler lurking about! So now he does often have some crisps on his plate at lunch time despite my best efforts not to.

So I was very pleased to be able to review a new packet of crisps from Walkers (and so was Alex).
Each packet contains:
-85 calories
-Are made from wholegrains
-No artificial colours or preservatives
They are baked too and are a healthier option compared to a normal packet of crisps, so I would be much happier giving these to Alex instead of other alternatives.

They come in 3 different flavours which are all suitable for vegetarians, roast beef, prawn cocktail and salt and vinegar. We were sent the roast beef flavour which tasted great, texture wise they are very comparable to Monster Munch, I thought they tasted much nicer though.

Alex demolished them off and kept shouting "no" when I tried to pinch another one so they definitely got the thumbs up from him (which is good as other crisps he has tired that are similar in texture he hasn't liked at all). It's another way to get wholegrains into their system too, which 27% of children don't get any at all in their diets.

All in all I would be much happier giving these to Alex in his lunch, I still wouldn't give him the whole packet at once as I believe a packet of that size is too much for a young child, but as long as they are eaten with a balanced diet a small amount won't do any harm. However if I think they are quite expensive when doing the weekly shop I might have to go back to our usual savoury snacks due to being on a tight budget.

Thanks Walkers for the crisps and the monkey toy which even the baby is eyeing up and plays with when his brother isn't looking!

Disclosure: we were sent a packet of crisps to review along with a Monkey toy and are getting paid for the review. However all opinion and words are our own.

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