Saturday, 25 May 2013

Live for today, making memories-A trip to London!

So yesterday James came home early from work just after lunch (Don't worry his Dad said he could ;)) and just came in saying "right lets go to London, get ready!".

I thought he was joking, and then thought he was mad when I realised he wasn't.

Before we knew we were on the M4 heading to London (in the pouring rain)!!

We parked at Westfield shopping centre as it was only £5 for the day which I thought was a bargain, especially for London (not sure if that's just a short term price to get people in or not).

Both boys had a decent sleep in the car (thank goodness for motorways) so Alex especially was raring to go, and Sam was wide-eyed looking around in the baby carrier.

Alex made us laugh lots asking "is this London? Is that a London bus/train? Is this London too?" and even on a toilet stop pointed to the toilet roll and said "did a London man put this London tissue in?" Haha.

We got the tube from Shepherds Bush and headed to Westminster and were there taking picture by Big Ben by 4.30pm, Alex loved the "big clock" and looking at the London eye across the river. We weren't there long but wanted to show Alex something he would recognise us really being in London.

We then hopped onto the tube again towards London Bridge and walked along the Thames, which Alex really enjoyed, so did James and me, it reminded me of when I did my art foundation course 4 years ago taking photos of all sorts of things as we walked the same route.

Alex said "wow what a big boat" when walking by The HMS Belfast, he wanted to go onto it to have a look but I don't really think he would have been old enough to actually enjoy it really-we didn't really want to spend the money to find out either!

He walked along the wall heading to Tower Bridge which is a landmark Alex recognised (partly from the Olympic opening ceremony last year I think). We walked over the bridge which is something I've personally never done, James told Alex to stand with one leg each side of the middle of the bridge and wait for a bus to come past to feel it wobbling which Alex found really funny-I was so surprised he did it as he could see the water below and usually hates heights/drops/bridges!

After being such a good boy we promised to take him to Hamleys, he was in his element, so much so he didn't really know what to do which was quite funny. He came out with a hot wheels car and a box of Lego, I felt really guilty as Sam didn't come away with anything, but we have so much for him from Alex we couldn't justify buying something for the sake of it, we'll make up for it once he's more aware I'm sure!

James wanted to take the boys to The Rainforest Cafe which I wasn't fussed about as I wasn't that impressed with it a few years ago but went along with it to keep him happy :)

I thought the prices were very expensive for the food to be honest, I know you pay more in London-maybe I'm just tight but I didn't think it was anything special! Alex and Sam liked the experience, we were sat near the elephants and a weird looking gorilla. Unfortunately Alex got a stomach ache and didn't touch his food at all, but they were really good and only charged for his drink which we were really grateful of as it would have cost us £12.50 otherwise.

We had one last little walk around and ended up in Leicester Square (after going completely the wrong way first) and then got all the required tubes back to where we started. Both boys fell asleep very quickly in the car on the way back!

We all had a great afternoon and evening, and I definitely think we should all try to live for today a bit more, the excitement we all got on the way is something we haven't had for a while. I don't think Alex would have lasted much longer, next time I'd love to go with James overnight if possible, maybe check out Westfield too!


  1. Love this post :-) My husband and I were only talking about taking our kids to London recently, but thinking they were too little to take it all in. Now re-thinking that! I also really like how spur of the moment it was, making it all the more special. Are you quite near to London? Oh, and our baby boy's an Alex, so great name choice, too!!

    1. We live in Swindon, so straight down the Motorway and all the traffic was heading the other way :)
      Great choice ;)

      I don't think kids would have lasted much longer than the 6 or so hours we were there, but they did love it! x

  2. So good to do things on the spur of the moment :0) .Westfield is my local shopping centre but I must say, even though I live so close I haven't taken my son to half the stuff I could have in town...sometimes you just take it for granted when you have it on your doorstep. We have taken him to the Natural History Museum though and he loves the dinosaurs there (and it's free!) as is the Science museum and the kiddy play bit there on the basement is excellent (water play shoots etc). Glad you had a fabulous day. Was thinking of going to RF cafe recently so was v. interested to read your thoughts :0)

    1. Oh really! That's always the way when things are on your doorstep, there is so much of the Cotswold's I haven't seen yet don't live far away at all from some nice places.
      I think that is somewhere we might think about going, maybe next year when Sam is a bit bigger, Alex would love the dinosaurs and the water shooting! Yes I wouldn't rush there...but the kids will probably like the the décor! x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day! I love the Rainforest Cafe! x

  4. I love this post, how wonderful to be spontaneous! It looks like you had a fantastic afternoon :)

    1. We definitely did :) and for me who is very much a planner it was nice to be spontaneous for a change!


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