Thursday, 9 May 2013

Carisbrooke Castle

On Sunday we enjoyed a lovely family day out at Carisbrooke castle.

We were there with all of James' family so they we 13 of us in total! 

Alex's Grandad spoilt him and the two youngest of James' brothers and treated them to full knights outfits.

They were the stars of the castle throughout the day and got many smiles-and even photos from others!

The grounds were spacious enough for them to run about without being in other people's way, and encountered many battles between each other and also James's other brothers too!

We had the first picnic of the year! Which was so nice-just being outside felt a bonus let alone some warming sun upon us and some great food and company. 

It's a great castle you can walk around all the top, seeing some lovely rolling countryside scenes, and although there are ruins you can walk around a lot of the castle and it has been kept in such good condition and up keep. 

It also has one of the only wells which has a working wheel moved by a donkey in the world (don't worry the donkey only works for a max of 6 minutes a day)! So that was quite interesting I wasn't expecting it to be worked like a hamsters wheel at all, I thought he'd be going round in circles.

There is also a museum, church and some old armour/clothes that you and the kids can try on-Alex had got quite tired by this point so we didn't spend as much time looking at these things.

Being a knight is tiring!

It only cost me and James about £15 together as under 5's go free, but if you have English Heritage passes you can go for free, I think it was well worth the £15 pounds spent though as we spent a good few hours there.  

Sam was really good in his backpack carrier, and bless James he carried him all the afternoon (I could not as  Sam is so heavy and the carrier is half my size as I'm a titch)! He dozed on and off but when he was awake had a good look around.

All in all we had a great time and I would recommend visiting if you are ever nearby!


  1. Brilliant day out! I remember visiting as a kid, was a bit spooky!

    1. Oh really :) didn't seem to be too spooky but maybe the sunny weather helped that :)

  2. I'm easily spooked :-)


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