Tuesday, 9 April 2013

4 Months

I can't believe 4 months have passed since Sam entered the world.

It seems so long ago that he was a tiny little bundle curled up on my chest.

This last month we have really seen your personality shine through. I love your coy little smile starting from the corner of your mouth and the way stretches wide and high into a gorgeous gummy smile when something really has made you happy.

We have heard your first giggles-mainly when you are being tickled! You are very ticklish especially on your feet and around your neck, I love the way you squirm with delight and wriggle letting out squeals of happiness. You pull the cutest, most adorable face when being tickled too, I want to bottle up the feeling I get when you look like that as it makes me so happy and proud-I could be in the worst mood ever and it would still make my heart beat that little bit faster for my love for you. Other things make you smile and giggle are peek-a-boo, nursery songs, and clapping!

Talking to your new toy

You have also learnt how to hold some toys now, when on your playmat all we can hear from you is the rattle and shake of the hanging toys that you shake so vigorously, you can grasp rattles and keep them tightly within your podgy little hands for quite a lengthy time. You gave me a bit of a shock today when I saw the rattle you were shaking about was a metre behind you-it seems you have your brother's strong throw already!

You have yet to roll (either way) you were ever so close on Saturday, Alex and me were willing you all the way, all you had to do was push your arm out and you would have been on your tummy-but then you would have cried two minutes later as you really don't like being left on your tummy! You love to watch the world go by from your bouncy chair on Mummy and Daddy's laps. Your little heads bobs up and down following Alex's every movement, it is lovely to watch the bond you two have and I can't wait for it to strengthen even more.

What really melts my heart now is your smiles, the smiles first thing in the morning, and the smiles when someone enters the room. Your whole face beams, as ours do right back at you.

4 Months today


  1. Lovely post, my little one is a month older and can now roll all over, i forgot how fast they go!

    1. Thanks, I am sure I will regret wishing him to roll once he actually does because he at least stays in one place at the moment! x

  2. Lovely post, and he looks a gorgeous little chap. x


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