Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I have been pondering over writing a post about Alex and his behaviour as we had, had a few hard weeks, but each time I think about/have time to type one up he seems to have had a good day and I feel a bit of a pessimist so have decided to do a post on a more positive note-otherwise you might start thinking he is a right little toe-rag if I always write about the bad stuff!

Recently his play and imagination has been wonderful and heart warming to watch, I'm not sure if this partly from being at more pre-school sessions since Christmas or if it's just him hitting the age where they love imaginative play-either way it makes me smile.

He currently calls his bedroom the restaurant/kitchen and sets up his cooker and food, but he always has his fake mobile to hand, so don't expect to actually get that meal he is supposed to be preparing as he will always get a call. The call is always from a man ringing Alex's garage about a problem with his van-it's never working and quite often it's the battery that needs fixing so off he goes down the hallway to do that-back pack upon his back, conversation on his mobile and off he trots. Then a knock on the lounge door, he exclaims that it's all been fixed and now he's back to work, only this time it's in his shop, he opens up his till empties the money and hands a lot of it over to me (not quite sure how he manages to stay open as they can't make any money ;) ) again his mobile rings and it's off to college either with his bag on again and off down the hallway or bedroom he goes, or he gets his Dad's netbook and pretends to type away on it doing his important college work.

He is in his own little world and is always talking away to himself but like he is talking as if someone is there too, it's very sweet. It does become a bit of a pain in the bum when I say it's time for bed and he says "no the man says I need to do my college work" or "no I just need to go on the phone to ring the man his van is broken again", or when I was trying to get into the lounge the other day and he wouldn't let me until he'd pretended to unlock the door with his keys.

I love this age for their imagination, nothing is impossible, everything is fun and carefree-I think I could learn something from it :)


  1. I love how their little minds work. So imaginative and free it really is wonderful isn't it? I'm glad he's happy with his little role play games it must sweet to watch x

    1. It's great, I just wish I could catch him on camera-he always goes shy when we try and film him! x

  2. How gorgeous :) it must be so lovely to watch. Imagination is so important xx

    1. It is :) you have it all to look forward to x


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