Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter day fun

Me and Alex finished off the cards from the painting we did on Saturday this morning which was fun.

We then decided to go to our local big park called Lydiard Park for an hour before heading to my parents. We had a lovely time there-even though it was quite chilly! Alex remembered the giant slide he went on in the summer which is set into the grounds and wanted to find that rather than play in the park. Alex (and me) got a bit scared by some dog off the lead which knocked Alex down, the owners didn't even apologise though and didn't rush to take their out of control dog away either so that was a bit horrible. But we continued to go around the lake, which was partially frozen, so Daddy and Alex enjoyed throwing the stones in and trying to break the ice.

We then went to my parents house where we had a lovely beef roast, my Nana and Grandad had come down too which was nice as haven't seen them since Christmas and they have only seen Sam once. Sadly they have had a rough few months with my Grandad getting prostate cancer and my Nana breaking her wrist (both are on the mend now thankfully). They enjoyed seeing the boys.

We did a small Easter egg hunt for Alex in their garden which he got really excited about, he truly believed the bunny had been (despite seeing the bag of chocolate I had in the car with me-I told him I had to give it to the bunny to hide)! He was very pleased with his goodies!

He also had fun playing in the garden afterwards-bossing my Mum about and keeping her outside to play ball games!

James had to unfortunately leave to work at 5 but we stayed on at mums for tea-and lots of cake. It was a lovely family day, the boys got spoilt too as my parents had bought them some clothes and my Grandparents gave some money to them.

Eggcited-sorry couldn't resist!

Eggstatic on his 1st Easter-starting to giggle lots


  1. Cute photos! I wish it was better weather when we decided to have our Easter fun but indoor hunting went ok! Xx

    1. Thanks, we certainly weren't out for long-hopefully a hot one next year eh! x


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