Sunday, 16 December 2012

The birth of Samuel George

After what felt like an eternity of sickness, aches, pains, indigestion and dizziness our second little boy made his way into the world, listening well to his Mum's pleas to be early!

He tricked me a bit, Saturday the first I had extremely strong braxton hicks in the middle of the night, that seemed to come regularly for a couple of hours so it was a bit of a sleepless night for me and James as we were anxious as to if it was the start of things. Then all stopped until the next Saturday anyway!

I got up and with no pains but noticed a show first thing, got a little anxious and then within the next hour had a few pains, at first they came every half hour or so, I then went manic and cleaned the bathroom, did the washing up and gave the house a quick hoover. Made James say he couldn't work his second job that evening and he kept ringing to check up on things from some building work they were doing that morning (typically in an area where phone signal is practically non existent)! Then come lunch time-nothing. We had a Christmas meal with James' family as they were off to Florida on the Sunday evening, I didn't have much appetite and didn't want to eat too much, just in case! I had the odd twinge but nothing that felt more than a braxton hicks.

2 Sunday morning- strong pains, no doubt in my mind that it was the start of labour.
2.30- call my mum, have a shower (not sure why seeing as what was to come).
4.00- 4/5cm and moved to the birthing unit, which was so relaxed and I am so pleased I managed to birth there, James said to the midwife it looked like we had paid privately for the privilege!
6.00- contractions and pain really bad, James dosed on the beanbag (typical) but always held out his out for me when I shouted at him for it. he was great at getting me to breathe through the pain rather than shouting "Ow it hurts".
8.00- only 6cm despite strong contractions, had waters broken, made to kneel to let "gravity to it's job", I suddenly felt immense pain and asked for pethidine! Midwife 'went to get it' and 5 minutes later I said I needed to push, James said I couldn't and I think I shouted at him to get the midwife, how wasn't getting me pethidine at all and was sat waiting as he knew I wouldn't be long!
8.35-Three painful pushes later and our gorgeous Samuel made his way into the world staring up at me all peaceful and angelic.
8.45-placenta out without the need of the injection.
14.30-free to leave the hospital

It was the birth I wanted, I managed to do it all without any pain relief at all, I didn't use the birthing pool but in the end I didn't mind at all. It was rather strange having the midwife switch over just before 8am and then having a male midwife come in a check you without really getting used to them, and pretty much instantly breaking your waters! But he was lovely, think I was just shocked to see a male midwife! The birthing centre was so much more relaxed than the delivery unit (not that anything was wrong with that with Alex), it just felt like being in some weird hotel. I am so pleased (and surprised) I needed no stitches and delighted that we managed to go home after 6 hours of having him rather than staying in over night. The first hour after having him I think I was in a bit of shock, and it all felt a bit surreal, mainly because the last stage had happened so quickly in the end!

What made that  journey home even better was that we had an hour before James' parents and younger brothers left for the airport, so we swung by their house and I think they were so pleased to meet him before they left. Alex had been out for the day with my parents, as it was my Grandad's 70th birthday on the Friday, as Alex had fallen asleep in the car he wasn't in the best mood to introduce the new arrival, and just wanted Daddy cuddles, but when he walked into our bedroom the next morning he was lovely and so proud.

Samuel didn't have a name for the first 18 hours or so which was a bit weird, we kept changing our mind and as you know we have struggled to settle on names the whole way through.

Things are going quite well, the first few nights I think I only managed 3 ours sleep, but the last two nights we have had 4/5 hours straight from 12am. I am finding feeding hard this time around but trying my hardest not to give up, but I am so sore and can't seem to get the latch right despite lots of trying!

Not finding much time to do anything on the computer so if I don't make in on to blog for a while have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Oh and a good tip that seems to have worked with my two boys, if you want to start labour hoover the whole house on your hands and knees!


  1. What a fabulous birth story. Sounds like a great delivery - well done you. I'm so pleased it went so well for you. (I agree with what you say about birthing centres - ours felt a bit like we should have expected to pay for it too! Thank you NHS :0)

    Hope you are being well looked after now and resting up. I came home the same day too, and I did try to take it really gently those first few days. Hard when you have an older one to look after though.

    Good luck with the breastfeeding. EB's latch hasn't been great but I'd say it is starting to get a bit better now. ( 2 weeks in ).

    Enjoy your first Christmas as a four x

  2. What a lovely birth story. Congratulations! We had trouble with a bad latch second time around, but eventually at about 3 weeks, he just found his groove and I used these saved my sanity! Goos luck and well done! xx

  3. Well done you! Sending lots of love! X


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