Saturday, 13 October 2012

Woo hoo!

As I only working one day a week (well  four hours at least) I shouldn't be getting too excited about maternity leave as I am barely there-but I am!

Today I got a call saying that the holiday hours I tired to book have been approved, which means I only have 4 more Sunday's left physically working. Woop, woop! I seem to have found work much harder this pregnancy, in the earlier stages getting really bad back pain that would leave me in agony all evening, dizzy spells, and more recently just finding it hard being on my feet the whole shift and getting bump ache, it really seems to knock me for six the next day-not a fan of the alarm to get to playgroup on Monday morning that's for sure! Quite looking forward to missing the Christmas rush/hectic-ness this year too, mind you getting pregnant is probably quite a drastic step to get out of working Christmas eve and boxing day ;)

I have also just received the forms necessary to notify them of my maternity leave date, which means I can soon send the forms off to get my Maternity Allowance in for when I need it to start. Feeling much less stressed about it all now, as I feel I have left it a bit late this time around. I wasn't able to get my MATB1 from until about 28 weeks pregnant as I had, had another midwife for my previous appointment. So I was a little late getting the ball rolling!

We also bought a new pushchair on Monday, so I can finally cross one thing of the giant list of things to do. We decided to go for the Graco Mirage + in the end, it was silly not to really as for £130 it's was just what we needed, we have had no problems with the one similar we had for Alex (that was my cousins), and it suits me as need a sturdy one which a decent sized shopping basket as I don't drive. I was shocked to see how tiny the shopping baskets were in some of the really trendy pushchairs...where do you put all your 'stuff'!?

Now if only the house could start taking some shape in looking better/being more finished, need to inject my partner with a dose of motivation to get it done I think! I am still walking past Alex's wardrobe flat packed in the hallway...but he assures me it will be done this week , and he's got next weekend off work too, so fingers crossed we could paint this lounge attempt from last week was extremely patchy and took me 2 hours when it should have been about 45mins!

If you live anywhere near me you might see some pregnant lady skipping home one Sunday afternoon in 4 weeks time ;)


  1. It is wonderful when the end of work is in sight! Well done on getting the pushchair ticked off the list. One less thing to worry about. I agree, some of them do have ridiculously small shopping baskets. You'd think the manufacturers would have realised by now, they double up as shopping trolleys.

    1. You would have thought! I cram so much under mine, dread to think what I will do when I go shopping once the kids have grown out of needing one! x


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