Friday, 26 October 2012

Foodie Foto Friday: Christmas cake

Yes I know it's still October, yes I know some people cringe at the 'C' word, but when it comes to Christmas cake you have to be organised in my eyes.

I wasn't too fussed with the recipe I used last year for the Christmas cake, I found it a bit too heavy for my liking, so with a bit of searching on line and in my cook books I found a recipe I liked the sound of on the bbc good food website.

The recipe has a lot of options to chop and change a few ingredients, for example you need 1kg of dried fruit I don't like too many different things in my cake, so I put about 400g dried cranberries, and the rest was a mix of sultanas and raisins. I used sherry for the alcohol and used two oranges for the fruit juice.

My little monkey 'helping' me mix. 

 It was such a shame (not) that the mix was slightly too much for the tin so had to try out making some mini ones in two ramekin dishes (which I am planning on doing for small gifts for family), sadly one of these only made it to my stomach...opps, I had to taste to see if it tastes ok ;)

The photos aren't the best due to light and the fact I wanted to eat it so badly so apologies for that, but hopefully you can see that it is quite a light Christmas cake, and it tastes really fruity too, the large one is still currently baking away in the oven as I type. I will have to be good and not dive into that one! This is definitely a better recipe than the one I used last year and I can't wait until I get to decorate it nearer Christmas, always the fun part. Definitely recommend this recipe if you haven't made a Christmas cake yet and want to. 

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  1. that cake looks lovely & great idea using ramekins!
    thanks for joining in with Foodie Foto Friday! x

    1. Thanks, the ramekins worked much better than I thought they would actually, I think some people suggest washed out tins too. x


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