Sunday, 29 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 29- My Dreams & Aspirations

I aspire to be someone I am currently not...

I would love to have a bit of a career that I enjoy and be proud of.
Ideally I would like my own craft business and make lots of pretty things for a living. However I just lack the motivation to do it and make it happen. Plus I just wouldn't know where to start. But I really wish I could bring more of an income in to the household, as James works so much for me and Alex and I always feel like I don't do enough.  

I would love to be a Mummy that gets really hands on and do loads of fun things. 
But I hate mess, and Alex gets bored of things so easily which doesn't make all the effort into setting something up seem worth while. Sometimes I feel like I am not the Mummy I could/should be. I really thought I would have more patience with lots of creative fun but when it's you that has to tidy it up all the time some of the fun gets taken out. 

I just wish that I could give myself a big kick up the bum and start making something of myself. Don't get me wrong I love being a full time Mummy but when people ask about what I do otherwise and I say I work in the stockroom of a shop for a few hours a week, it's like "Oh...really". I always seem to find it hard to find the balance between playing with Alex/creating something/housework/time with Alex would love to know how some people do it. If anyone has any tips on that I would be very grateful. 

Perhaps I should listen to this quote, every year (usually after Christmas) I say "i'm going to make stuff to sell this year". The look on James' face each year I say far he's winning as I haven't made anything. 


  1. This year, I've started to 'task' myself with projects. Monthly and weekly things that I want to 'do' over and above the normal mundane housework/playtime/tidying up. For January I wanted to get all our photos in order, and print everything to date - a task which took forever as we take so many. I've uploaded them all to our external hard drive so they are all safe, and then got them printed online. I now only need to keep ontop of it! This month, I plan to get the baby books up to date. I write notes on my phone, online, via FB and stuff but need to actually transfer it to both baby books.

    Transferring that idea to your crafts, could you not set yourself a task for February - this month I am going to 'make some X and see if there is any interest in setting up a FB/Etsy shop' and if that doesn't go to plan perhaps try making 'Y' next month.

    Most of my tasks are done of an evening when they are both in bed, but if I get 10 mins while they sleep, or A is watching TV, I can do a tiny bit then too.

    I guess in essence, my point is don't set yourself a huge task, and be prepared to adapt if things don't happen as you'd plan.

    Most of all, make sure you WANT to do it, else they'll be no chance of it happening at all!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. That sounds like a good idea for personal and crafting tasks.
      I am good a writing down lists, but always in a notebook which I then tuck away...perhaps I need to get it written on the fridge! This has also reminded me to do Alex's baby scrapbook, I have all the things except the photos and have written all the info in a cheap baby book-he's two and I still haven't made a proper start at it yet which is terrible!
      Thanks for you help x


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