Sunday, 22 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 22- This upsets me

There is a lot in the world that upsets me right now, it's just one big mess. I don't watch the news because I find it very depressing these days, with war, money problems, murders etc. I feel I could rant about it for ages so I won't!

So more personally things that upset me are:
- My Dad's business not working despite him putting so much effort into it, working all hours of the day every day. I hate watching the strain it is causing him and the strain it is putting on my parents relationship. He really hasn't had much luck what so ever right from the word go and has lost so much money, but he won't give in. 
- Not ever getting much time as a family as we each work when the other isn't most weeks.
- Never having any free cash to do anything with (hence working so much). 
- Not being able to get married yet due to having no spare money to save. 

To some people this might sound not too upsetting but when you worry every day about it, it doesn't take long for me to burst into tears when I think about it too much. 



  1. I understand about the tears thing. Lately, I'm always on the verge. Anything can just push me over the edge. I love that quote, I really really really love it.

    Sorry to hear about your dad. As a child, I watched my father's once thriving business fail and still to this day, he is a broken man and feels the failure.

    Although I don't have kids yet, I work away from home 4 days a week and feel like I hardly see my fiance. We're also struggling to have a wedding to the same standard as our fiends due to money.

    love to you and best wishes xx

    1. Thank you, it's not nice to see is it.
      Hope you manage to have the wedding you both dream of too.
      All the best :) x


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