Friday, 20 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 20- Confessions of a shopaholic

The above quote is so true, I love the buzz you get when you come home with a bag(s) full of bits and bobs, sadly this doesn't happen too often as I am broke most months...

I do love to hunt down a good bargain though, most of Alex's Birthday and Christmas presents last year were bits I bought on offer/sale earlier in the year. I am terrible for buying bits for Alex, children's things are just too cute-especially kids books (whoops Alex's bookcase may be a bit full)! Only the other day I bought him a cash register because it was half price in ELC, so that's got to be hidden for 11 months in the wardrobe!!

For myself I am a self confessed kitchen gadget lover...I know sad right, and it's exactly the same as my Dad! I think it's because when I am in the right mood I do like cooking, especially baking. So my teeny tiny kitchen is rammed full of bake ware, thermometers, spatulas, cookie cutters etc etc. One day when we are rich and have a massive house with an equally massive kitchen when money is more manageable and hopefully we can move and have a bigger kitchen I would love one of those fancy cake mixers, and a nice set of saucepans. (I know, I know, it's sad)! 

I do like clothes, but have never been big on fashion- I hate spending loads on clothes too as I get bored of them easily, and all my trousers just have worn circles on the knees! 


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