Wednesday, 18 January 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Day 18- Memories of a birthday

Apologies I feel like rubbish today and have a banging head ache to go with it so my brain isn't really functioning right now. 

My 21st Birthday was lovely, my parents and partner had planned a lovely surprise as part of my present. I knew they were up to something but James kept setting me off course with my guessing by giving me clues that weren't anything to do with it. 

So on my birthday I opened up the envelope from my parents to find tickets to the London show to The Lion King, the date we were going also fell on the day after James' 21st too. We had a lovely child free day and the show was beautiful. One for adults and young children, the scenes, costumes, and setting was just amazing. I would definitely recommend to try and see it if you haven't already. We also enjoyed the Christmas market in Covent Garden which is also one of my favourite places in London. 

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