Sunday, 15 January 2012

30 days, 30 posts: Day 15- A favourite memory

I had to think about this one, and whilst I was at work this evening a memory popped into my head. I mean I didn't want to be obvious and write the day my son was born etc, because that is a great memory but thought this one needed something a bit different.

So I thought I'd go back to the beginning... I was 17 recently spilt up from a waste of space boyfriend you had cheated on me a lot more than I'd first thought, and James was a great comfort to me during that time, something just clicked between us. About 2 weeks after that we went to Thorpe park with a group of friends, it was a lovely and fun day out, lots of laughs and giggles. We were waiting in the queue for 'stealth' was a VERY long queue in the summer heat and I was extremely nervous each time it sped off above our heads. 

Anyway as we were waiting there I was sat on his knee and I just remember momentarily kissing his cheat really out of the blue (as as I did it/after I did it I was like "Oh God, Oh God") then James turned around and gave me the biggest smile and squeezed my hand tightly. 

We both still talk about how that was the moment that we realised we were right for each other, and look where we are now after pretty much all our friends thinking he was a rebound!


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