Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Why do I make awkward to wrap presents!?

You may have seen a previous post of mine on Cheap Sweet Jars, well I finished these off the other day with some more chocolate coins and marshmallows. All 6 only came to the cost of £12.50 so have saved over £15 on our usual £5 each budget.

Anyway as always I had an idea of how to wrap them up but that failed ended up just doing a strip around the main part, cutting a circle of wrapping paper out to put into the lid of the jar and 'ta da'...a present that you know what it is before even opening it!

I made some gift tags from some air drying clay and used stamps and acrylic paint to print the names and words on. These were fun to make when they went right...just hoping that they don't break along the way, bound to happen to at least one though!! Just tied these on with ribbon around the clasps so that they won't fall down with the weight.

Here's hoping my partner's and my siblings enjoy the sweets-at the end of the day it's got to be better than a plastic toy that will break in minutes or socks...hopefully!  

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